Destiney Social Care Provider

What can we help you with?

About us

DSCP Care are dedicated to providing services for guidance, support, domestic help and nursing. We are a recognised home care organization and are CQC certified.


The care providers of DSCP Care are loving, involved and give the right attention where it is needed. In this way we help each other so that those in need can continue to live at home. By providing the right care, we can avoid or postpone admission to a care home or nursing home. In many cases, we can help with an alternative.


DSCP Care is a growing care organisation. We work with experienced care providers and preferably with permanent teams. We ensure communication is smooth - all clients have a dedicated point of contact for all needs.

Our name and logo

There is a story about how DSCP Care adopted its identity as a Destiney Social Care Provider.  Destiney is the name of a baby who, after a complicated birth, underwent a miraculous recovery. The hummingbird is a nimble, colourful and graceful bird with enormous power. This particularly beautiful bird is capable of doing the most amazing things. It’s a symbol of resilience, survivability and adaptability.

It sums up what DSCP Care stands for.

"A symbol of resilience, survivability and adaptability"

Why choose DSCP Care?

We work with small and permanent care teams

The assurance of care in your own familiar environment

Expert guidance

Discreet and professional carers

Excellent references available

Home care when you really need it

There’s no limit to the ways we can make life better for those with needs


If you or your partner needs care at night, you can make use of our vigilance service. A carer or nurse watches over the whole night and provides the care that is needed.

Physical disability

Anyone can become physically-handicapped. It can happen suddenly by accident or gradually by illness. Caring for someone with a physical disability can be physically and mentally demanding. DSCP Care ensures that you receive the best possible support and enjoy a better quality of life.


Taking care of people with arthritis can be very challenging. DSCP Care has carers who understand the condition and are therefore able to provide the right support.