Covid-19 - the coronavirus and social / home care

DSCP Care adheres to government guidelines and safeguards concerning Covid19.  All employees have been fully trained and are well-prepared to prevent the spread of the virus. The coronavirus can spread through droplets, of the kind released by coughs or sneezes. Symptoms of the disease are fever and respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath or cough. Good hygiene contributes to the prevention of infection. 

COVID-19 Sheffield Local Outbreak Control Plan, for further information please see:

The Sheffield Local Outbreak Control Plan builds on existing health protection plans and recommends measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak and protect public health.

Community Support Helpline
Do you or do you know someone who needs emergency food, medicine or general support? Call the Community Support Servicehelpline at:
0114 273 4567

Apply for care

Do you need care help or support? DSCP Care will help you as soon as possible. Whatever your care request, we can find the right options for you. Call our helpdesk:
0114 32 41 440

The City of Sheffield

The City of Sheffield offers a range of care services. But unlike NHS health care, social care for adults is not always free. Most people pay for some or all of their care support. If you need to find out whether you qualify for financial support, you can apply to the local authority for assistance or full reimbursement of your health care costs. Sheffield Social Care Services can be accessed on:

Staying independent, safe and healthy

There is much useful information in the official Sheffield Directory website on how to continue living independently in your familiar environment. Many older people are remarkably resilient, but on occasions need a little help. You can get help from DSCP Care. The link below from the City of Sheffield may also be useful. It contains advice on how you can help yourself or get support from the local authority or organizations such as DSCP Care to assist you in staying independent, safe and healthy.